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Dry Ice Blasting

New cleaning methods have resulted in a different and thorough way for food processing plants to clean their equipment, including all small moving parts and internal pieces that may otherwise go uncleaned.  Uncleaned equipment makes for extremely unsanitary conditions, and this puts the plant’s business at risk.  Dry ice is used in a process known as dry ice blasting, which can clean large surfaces and inaccessible parts much more thoroughly and much faster than more traditional methods.  Because it doesn’t require the use of water or any harsh chemicals, dry ice blasting is perfect for food processing plants, large-scale bakeries, and other corporate agricultural businesses that require large equipment that is difficult to clean or maintain.

There may be concern regarding contaminants being blasted out once the dry ice evaporates.  The best way to combat this issue is to conduct a second round of dry ice blasting, concentrating on large, flat, exposed surfaces.  This is often the only time a second cleaning is necessary.  Because dry ice is environmentally sustainable and contains no chemical solvents or water, it works best for a majority of industrial and food processing needs.  No matter how big or small the equipment, dry ice blasting can clean it and keep it that way!