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Industrial Cleaning

Properly cleaning industrial equipment, with its myriad small parts and mechanisms, is difficult for the average worker, and because some industrial equipment is large enough that it needs its own building, many industries rely on dry ice to get the job done.  Industrial cleaning is done with dry ice blasting.  Because carbon dioxide needs a much lower temperature to liquefy and freeze, dry ice is used to reach not only large flat surfaces, but all the smaller mechanisms and gears as well.  Dry ice blasting is superior to chemical solvents because no water is necessary for rinsing and there is little to no chance of contamination from a chemical getting onto the equipment once it has been cleaned.

The industry that relies most on dry ice blasting is food service and other agricultural businesses in which chemical cleaners are inappropriate or dangerous to use.  Food processing plants need to make sure their equipment is immaculate so they do not cross-contaminate the foods they process with potential allergens or hazardous materials that may become consumed.  This is why dry ice blasting, with its cold temperatures, thorough coverage, and easy use, is the perfect solution for the food and agricultural industries.