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Rubber Moulding

Dry ice is used to keep rubber moulding clean through dry ice blasting.  This not only helps the moulding, but keeps them looking newer longer and helps blast away dirt, grime, and any residual particles that solvents or chemicals may leave behind.  Making sure all moulds are kept clean and dry is essential for their use and re-use.  If any particles contaminate the mould, then they may also contaminate and damage what the mould is being used for.  Dry ice blasting keeps the mould clean without the use of chemicals or grits, so the mould maintains its original shape and can continue to be used for whatever product is necessary.

Dry ice blasting may help retain the shape better than chemical solvents or grits and the mould may last longer than it would with other cleaning methods.  Because there are no chemicals involved with dry ice, once the dry ice evaporates it takes all the dirt, grime, and bacteria with it, keeping the mould clean and dry.  For some types of rubber moulding, a dry environment is important so the object being moulded doesn’t contain blemishes or imperfections.  Always use proper safety equipment when cleaning with dry ice or using a rubber mould with dry ice.